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Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi intends to provide Delhi wide Wi-Fi for providing internet services. This facility will open up many other economic avenues.

In this regard, it is proposed to obtain feedback from one and all. Interested persons, organizations, stakeholders are requested to send their suggestions on business models, technologies, implementation strategies etc. on email: on or before 23-03-2015, 5:00 PM IST.

A structured stakeholder meeting is also being organized by the Department of Information Technology, GNCTD on 24th, 25th and 26th March 2015. Detailed document regarding this meeting is available on website

Interested stakeholders who intend to participate in the said meeting are requested to confirm their participation at on or before 20-03-2015, 5:00 PM IST.

Wi-Fi in Delhi Stakeholder Consultation Meet

Project Objective
Government of National Capital Territory of Delhi intends to implement Delhi wide Wi-Fi for providing internet services to the citizens of Delhi. Government is interested to offer quality internet services to citizens through Wi-Fi, preferably for short duration free of charge.

In this regard, GNCTD has scheduled a Stakeholder Consultation Meeting for exchange of knowledge, identification of challenges, best practices and to discuss and finalize the implementation approach.

Objective of this meeting
The meeting has been scheduled to ensure active involvement of various stakeholders from industry, society, technical community and various departments and agencies of the Government to ensure that the objectives of the project are met out in the best possible manner, the challenges are anticipated and managed in a structured way.

This meeting is, therefore, planned to highlight the stakeholder’s interest, project specific view-points, suggestions, concerns and support measures in a collective way to make project related decisions and chart out directions for successful implementation.

24th to 26th March 2015 from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM at Delhi Secretariat, I.P. Estate, New Delhi
Targeted Participants
1. Industry Associations
2. Internet Service Providers
3. Telecom Service Providers
4. Value Added Service(VAS) /Over The Top(OTT) Players
5. Telecommunication Consultant
6. Telecommunication Infrastructure Companies
7. OEMs for Wi-Fi Equipment , Network Equipments
8. Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA) System Providers
9. System Integrators
10. Government and Government Bodies

Presentation Structure & Information Points
(A) Structure of Presentation
Interested Stakeholders are requested to provide details on following points:-
i. Concept Note
ii. Business Model, Selection Methodology and Criteria
iii. Implementation Plan , phase & timelines, project life
iv. Key Risk and implementation Challenges
v. Proposed zones, criteria for zone & prioritisation
vi. Proposed Technology
vii. Key player, collaboration and their role
viii. Quality of Service (QoS)
ix. Others ( if necessary)
Selected stakeholders shall be given opportunity to make presentation structured on above
points preferably.

(B) Information Points
Inputs from stakeholders on topics mentioned below as relevant to them are also solicited:-

1. The telecom service providers (TSPs) common infrastructure details (tower details
etc) and additional Infrastructure required for project.
2. Organization’s Strength vis a vis project needs, preferably zone wise
3. Data service volume and usage survey (if any)
4. Need for free Wi-Fi Broadband service to common citizen. Social & economic impact
on citizen by offering free Wi-Fi service.
5. Free Wi-Fi Model:
Content type
Data download limit per day
Time duration
Premium & Non Premium services
Specific time of the day
Specific category of citizen
Prime & Non-Prime Time
6. Best Practises with in India & across world.
7. Why people will be interested for Wi-Fi when 4 G is about to launch.
8. QoS, SLA, Measurement Mechanism and required government control.
9. Issues pertaining to:-
a) Usage of Wi-Fi infrastructure for offloading of 3G data services after meeting
the minimum QoS .
b) Interference from other Wi-Fi channels.
c) Security issues and means to handle security issues
d) Authentication, Authorisation & Accounting (AAA) Mechanism – Single
mechanism for all.
10. Issues pertaining to:-
a) Sustainability of project in terms of cost, revenue and maintenance.
b) New services be offered with suitable subscription fees (such as targeted
advertising and software as a service etc).
c) Price beyond free usage period
11. Issues pertaining to:-
a) Content restrictive policy
b) Lawful interception
c) Support from Government of India, mandate under existing rule or act and
12. Structure of project monitoring unit
13. Government infra-structure required for the project
14. In case of getting service for public in lieu of public infra usage right (like pole) to
partner, the possible current uses and future uses.
15. Maximizing benefits of Delhi wide Wi-Fi infrastructure
Protocols and Communication
1) A maximum of two representatives from one organizations/association may
participate in the meeting.
2) All participating organizations/associations are requested to confirm their
participation by sending following details at on or before
20-03-2015, 5:00 PM IST:
a. Name of the participant(s)
b. Organization
c. Designation
d. Contact No.
e. Email Id
3) The participants are expected to submit at least key details mentioned in expected
information points.
4) On the basis of advance response, selected stakeholders may be given opportunity
to present their case before the panel. Selected stakeholders shall be intimated
about presentation date and time separately.
5) Other participants/stakeholders will be given opportunity to participate in open
house as per schedule to be conveyed on 23/03/2015.
6) Participants are requested to be present 30 minutes before to scheduled time.

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